About us

Located at the marble distribution center-Yaogu Town, Yunfu Ciyt, Lander Stones Co.,Ltd. is an enterprise that integrates the research and development, production and sales of marble mosaic.

Based on the main creative elements of marble, Lander gives varying characters through striking, grinding,cutting,carving,brushing and other kinds of processes,then the stone mosaic will find its artistic soul in the hands of designers and skillful craftsmen. The company has a lineup of more than 300 products, including 3D,dynamic shape, mixed piecing, paint-cutting, tile,waistline and other products. Focusing on the three-dimensional and shaped mosaic, Lander has been dedicating to the matching, application and R & D of home decoration and background wall, etc.
Lander not only provides you with a feast of mosaic, but also the mosaic art and visual culture. What you will sell is a complete set of application solutions rather than individual products. Proud of its specialized product and trendsetting design & application supporting supporthing services, Lander is sincerely inviting distributors nationwide to join us.